Monday, October 17, 2011

All Things Multicultural

People from all over the world call Brisbane their home, turning the city into a multicultural hub, that boasts an amazing mix of cultures, languages, traditions and customs. To celebrate and showcase the diversity, every year Brisbane hosts Queensland Multicultural Festival.
 The festival features a large line-up of cultures showcasing their traditions with dance, music, performances, and workshops, as well as food, craft and information stalls.
This year the Festival took place on the 16th of October at the Roma Street Parklands (one of my favourite places in Brisbane! - and I am sure I am not the only fan ;)). 

My fellow ambassadors and I were volunteering at the festival helping to run the Brisbane Marketing booth.

As soon as I got to the festival, I got a feeling that I am experiencing the whole world in just one location! I was really impressed by the scope of the festival, it was really massive, so many stalls, performances and activities - can easily engage you for the whole day!

Luckily the weather was favourable, Brisbane sun was shining brightly all day (unlike the day before at the Oktoberfest)
crowds of people at the Festival
local produce 
The variety of cuisines was astonishing, the amount of alternatives made my decision making process slow, as I wanted to try everything and the need to choose really made me struggle! 
There was one stall that  I knew straightaway  as soon as I spotted it that I won't walk past - French Patisserie Monsieaur Macaron! (Sunday Detox did not work out... again!)
Now I understand why Blair from Gossip Girl was so obsessed with them, I am totally with her on that!

 Another exciting annual even that was worth visiting is Oktoberfest! 
Even though I am not the one who can fully appreciate the significance of the chance to drink German beer from  a massive glass (that I think are really cool !)
 due to my absolute beer intolerance I can
assure you that the event is interesting not just for  beer-lovers.

Oktoberfest Brisbane is Queensland's biggest and most authentic Oktoberfest event,that blends together the best of German and Australian culture.
 The festival offered an array of traditional German delights, including fabulous food and drinks, plus competitions, activities and some very unique entertainment!

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