Tuesday, June 21, 2011

End of the Semester Survival guide

This semester has been the toughest I'vehad within the course of my 3 year studying in Brisbane. Everything just seemed to be due in the same time, with the assignments to be submitted, busiest time at work and even the exams were scheduled one day after the other.
However, I know that I am not the only one who is experiencing the pre-exam rush, ask any student during May - June: we are all working very hard and just looking forward to the light in the end of the tunnel - HOLIDAYS!

Anyway, I have just had my last exam this morning and thought that I would share how to beat uni assessments successfully, as it might be helpful for those considering to study overseas as well as just for Brisbane fellow students. ( I remember my first semester in Brisbane,and constant fear of failing all my courses :)))

So, my first rule:
1. Go to the tutorials and LECTURES during the semester - yes, some students will say that there is no point. it is boring or it is just the same stuff that's in the textbook, but in reality it is not! And even if it might be a bit boring, the biggest benefit is that you get the most important points, hints from the lecturer, you know what is expected and required, moreover, if you don't have time to do course reading through the course of the semester, you re still well on track, going to the lectures every week is often enough to get basic understanding of the topics, so when it comes to the exams you don't actually have to learn NEW STUFF (read the whole textbook), but just revise what you listened to at the lectures and refer to the bits for a bit more explanation.
If you choose not to attend the lecturers, listen to the recordings at home :)
This approach helps me to come to my exams very well prepared, as when the exam revision week comes I just need to refresh my memory.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions, send emails asking for explanations,coming to consultations if you don't understand, tutors and lecturers are there for you! they don;t want you to fail either, so don't hesitate and ask for help.

3. If there is not enough time to revise all the material of the course, don't bother reading everything. it is better to focus on the most important concepts (that lecturers always highlight in their lecturers) and memorise those, rather than have a glance of a bit of everything, as it won't help to answer specific questions asked at the exam.

4. Don't believe anybody that the course is extremely hard and it is impossible to get a good grade. Studying marketing (and not being good with formulas and numbers) I heard so many horror stories about 60 % of students failing Accounting course. however, I can reassure you, if you do prepare for your class, it is very unlikely you fail.

5. When examination period comes, don'tt just constantly sit in front of your lecture notes '
studying' (in reality: going on facebook, eating, skyping, etc.) It is better to spend 3 hours really revising and studying and then gofor a walk/ to the movies/ dinner and distract from the exam pressure.
Even though I struggled with time, I do realise that some of the time I was just sitting and stressing about the subject rather than actually learning anything.

6. Also, if you re sleepy/tired/ exhausted - go and SLEEP, trying to study when you just want to sleep does not work!!! (everybody is familiar with reading the same sentence 10 times and stil not getting it!?)))

7. I find it easier to get motivation to study when I associate it with something pleasant. I have a routine to brew a cup of fruit tea or a cappuccino with a bar of chocolate or make a fruit plate to accompany my studying process :)
8. I also believe in the power of nutrients and vitamins to boost brain activity and enhance memory,
therefore, during examseat a lot of omega-3's reach foods (salmon, fish), fruits, avocado, blueberries to help your eyes cope with strain, carrots (to save your eyesight and boost memory), nuts ( for all the necessary nutrients)

Overall, no matter how stressful exams are, if you were doing work throughout the semester you'll be right, just be confident of the success!!! :)


  1. Cool post...
    I think I'm doing the only the sleeping part correctly... :)

  2. ahahaha it's never too late to do the right thing you know:)))


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