Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a vistit to Browns English Language School

Today my fellow ambassadors and I were invited to  the Browns English Language School, which is located in an AWESOME place, 102 Adelaide Street, right in the centre of the CBD facing the City Hall (this already sounds like a Unique Selling proposition!!;)

We were given a guided tour around the campus by Roy and Ricky - international relations managers, who are in charge of marketing the school overseas. They were very friendly and made us feel welcomed at  Browns.

They told us all about the facilities while showing around. 

The campus is really great and boasts impressive common room area, 53 computers with high-speed internet access, 

installed with the latest high-speed wireless internet access around the campus, 55 inch LCD cable connected big screen TV in each class room to show all the presentations, documents, videos on the big screen, comprehensive library, stunning large outdoor balcony  for students to eat lunch with their friends. 

Besides, there's a modern kitchen with 10 microwaves, 2 fridges, filtered water, ice maker and a hot water system for making tea and coffee.

Browns school positioning is about quality not quantity,  therefore there is huge emphasis on responding to students' individual needs and a lot of effort is put into tailoring the study program according to the each student's skills and knowledge level. The teaching team recognises that while a student may be great at speaking, writing may still be at elementary level and needs more work on. Therefore, every 
students receives a BROWNS Passport (pretty cool red document!;)

 which is a  personal learning record for BROWNS students. A living document that is updated weekly by the CORE teacher, it allows the students to see at a glance which areas for improvement they should focus on each week in order to accelerate their progress. 

There are a lot of learning resources available for students to improve their English, however Browns really encourages students to participate in the informal social activities and make friends and speak English not only when in class. There are heaps of different activities organised throughout the week, like soccer in Botanical Gardens, Ping Pong, Pizza and Movie nights.

The atmosphere at school is really friendly and the staff is happy to talk to students and 'hang out' with them during lunch. 

There is a strict ENGLISH only policy which means that you can't speak your native language while at school at all, if you get caught a few times you get penalised for that ; )) 

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