Monday, August 1, 2011

After eating all the chocolate....

So it's already Tuesday, 2 days after the chocolate festival and I have already started researching gyms and fitness clubs nearby my place;)

But let me tell you about the festival first !
The festival took place on sunday at the Portside Wharf at Hamilton, it was my first time there and I really liked the atmosphere, there are a lot of nice restaurants(Sono, that you can find in the city on Queen Street, Byblos,Manx, etc.)  there and my favourite Movenpick ice-cream ! (SO YUUMM!!)

So I am definitely planning to be back there some time soon!
The festival itself featured numerous stalls with branded hand-made chocolate,


 brownies and of course best coffee! Coffee and chocolate brands presented their products, offered tasting,

 expert advice and just educated visitors about their brands and the art of making coffee.

All delicious coffees were sold for just 2 dollars, I was seriously worried about my heart ;)
The first thing I tried, was strawberry chocolate fondue, that was dipped in a chocolate fountain!

As if that wasn't enough, next came  hand made chocolate, which I think I can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner ! They all had different flavours and were very very delicious!!

Throughout the day there were master classes run by industry professionals, so that visitors could learn more about chocolate and coffee, but I opted for tasting rather than listening ; )

After the Chocolate Affair festival we headed to the Regional flavours Festival at Southbank, which was really massive, and had really A LOT of wines, cheeses, and other very tasty things,

which I didn't really get a chance to try because I was feeling way too full from chocolate!

However, my fellow Ambassador Ming, went there as well, so assume we'll get a chance to read about the best things there from him some time very soon!

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