Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upcoming Weekend

It seems that there is too much food involved for the activities of the coming weekend,
There is a Regional Flavours at Southbank which  will play host up to 100 market stalls showcasing 
Queensland’s best sustainable producers, farmers and organisations.
You'll be able to taste some best regionally grown cheeses, wines, fruits, and other top quality produce. 

This event is not only about gourmet regional produce and supporting local producers, but also about 
getting people to think about their food choices and how to be more sustainable consumers.

All visitors will have the opportunity to learn from the experts how regional production influences and affects city-based food choices.

For all the coffee and chocolate lovers there is Festival of Coffee and Chocolate at the Portside Wharf in Hamilton. (YAAAYYYY!!!) The festival is presented by Merlo Coffee and will include the Chocolate High Tea this Friday night, Death By Chocolate Longest Dinner  on Saturday and Coffee and Chocolate Affair on Sunday!

After such a 'yummy weekend' my next post will probably be have to be about gyms, fitness and best places to wrok out at in Brisbane! 

Have a Great Weekend! :)


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