Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Studying Weekend

Beautiful City view
 Exams are all  over! 3years of studying went by like one semester, and now I don't have to worry about assignments and exams anymore!

This evening I finally realised that I can simply just read a magazine,write a blog post, watch Gossip girl and  not feel guilty that I am not studying. This is a very good feeling!

This semester was tough and I felt that  I was slowly turning into a semi-depressed book-worm with  sleep deprivation, but I managed to do it somehow and really felt I need to celebrate that!
So, celebration kicked off on Saturday at Friday's (I know right, Friday's on Saturdays;))
Girl's Power;)

I had the best time with friends and woke up with a bit of a head-ache this morning, but nothing could spoil my mood because Sunday was the day of our Ambassadors Get Together Picnic!

 I haven't had so much food in a while - everybody had to bring their home country national dish, so you can imagine how many different things we got to eat!!

And I even got a ride on a scooter! 
Thanks Mat!
th dessert part; )

It was such a great day, fantastic way to spend your Sunday! More photos from the picnic are at Ming's, Baduil's and Nimal's albums, check them out! 

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