Monday, December 12, 2011

LIfe After Uni

This Thursday I am officially going to be a Graduate! 3 years of lectures, tutorials, assignments and sleepless nights - and I will proudly have a degree.

Studying hard;)
Even though it may seem like now it's time to realise that I have grown up, I really feel like being back at school - working full-time Monday to Friday is a lot like being back at school and waiting for the weekend like a 15 year old student!

So, the myth of having plenty of time ones uni is finished is completely ruined, however, I am still very determined to go through my "TO DO" list, that became quite long during the last semester,when all I did was repeating like a mantra: "as soon as I graduate I will do this!.."

1) I have finally went back to he gym and occasionally make it to my pilates classes after work (HOW can some people work out during their LUNCH BREAK and then get back to work all pumped and energised??)

2) Went camping to Byron Bay and went to see the lighthouse and slept in a tent
Light House

Amazing Beach

3) Booked Chritmas holidays (VERY EXCITED!)

4) Started reading books just for pleasure

5) Went to the movies on a weekday
Is quite a good, fairy-tale style movie

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