Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to life - What's Happening

I have been really slack recently and haven't  written any posts! To my defence though, I was busy with:

  • enjoying life with no assignments, exams and night lectures (go me!)
  • settling in the full-time working routine 
  • going through the visa application process (don't even get me started on this!)
However, there is no real excuse.  I have read recently in a book: There is no such excuse as  "I don't have time for this." We always find time for things we MUST do or really want to, so next time you think of saying "I don't have time" and start the never-ending procrastination process, try to say: "This is not a priority for me". Once you say it out loud you will either realise that this is really something that you can't see any benefit in doing or you will stop putting it off and finally find time to do it - it's all about setting your priorities right!

Anyway, finally instead of saying to myself I will start writing again, I made myself a cup of hot chai tea, lit a few candles, took my laptop and started typing (I am determined to stop my procrastination!)

Maybe the inspiration came from a highly productive and inspirational Sunday that kicked off with a 3,5 hour brunch with a girlfriend at a recently opened restaurant in the new South Bank dining precinct.
Jetty can boast great attention to detail in its thought-after design, beautiful river views, relaxed atmosphere and an extensive wine list. The only downside - it gets really busy and the service was really slow!
Sunday evening was marked with a dinner at the recently opened French Martini in South Bank again (located on the Little Stanley Street) - lovely atmosphere, French music and staff with the cutest and sexiest French accents, beautifully presented food and reasonable price - a very pleasant experience!  The highlight for me were the bright fuchsia umbrellas on the ceiling  - no way you can miss the place when you walk past! 
French Martini
The evening finished off with a movie with Johnny Depp - The Rum Diary. 
I wouldn't add the movie to my favourites list, but it is definitely worth watching just for the sake of watching a Hollywood hottie for 2 hours! 

This was a wonderful Sunday and I feel very pumped to start a new working week - besides, I have many ideas for the blog as well as a few other exciting things coming up! 

Next post will be devoted to my current 'favourites' in Brisbane and recently visited places! 


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