Monday, March 19, 2012

Alice in Wonderland , Enrich Brisbane and South Bank

And another exciting performing arts event is on the horizon of the Brisbane's cultural scene - Alice in Wonderland is at QPAC!

Basing his ballet on Lewis Carroll's much-loved children's books, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Fran├žois Klaus has created a captivating piece, brimful of wit, humour and charm. With its whimsical flights of the imagination, eclectic music and joyful dance, Alice in Wonderland is delightful entertainment for all ages.  The show is on from the 31 Mar 2012 - 14 Apr 2012 . 
You need to hurry up though as there are hardly any tickets left - I tried to book tickets for the last week the show is on - and there were NO TICKETS LEFT! Very disappointed!!!
Alice in Wonderland - Playhouse, QPAC, South Bank, Brisbane - Tickets & Packages

Now, being devastated from inability to see Alice in Wonderland, I might go and indulge in eating and wine tasting at the Enrich Brisbane, that is on next weekend (30th of March - 1st of April) .

Enrich is a 3 day event that showcases  delicious food matched with premium quality wine.

A lovely video about one of the favourite places in Brisbane - South Bank! Particularly liked the music! 

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