Wednesday, March 28, 2012

James St Cooking School

Despite my  inability/ unwillingness to cook anything more complicated and time-consuming than a salad I am not giving up on myself (so my Man can still  cherish his hope that one day I will spend hours in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces) and went for a cooking class at the James St Cooking School
Brisbane Cooking School
Source: VisitBrisbane
The school offers  a wide variety of classes, ranging from BBQ/Sausage making class to Modern French, Mediterranean and even kids' lessons (where were they when I was 7??)! 
Inspired by our recent trip to Kuala Lumpur the choice fell on the Malaysian cooking experience. On one of the weeknights, after a long day at work I made my way to a lively New Farm to find myself at the Cooking School in the company of absolutely different people all united by the desire to learn something new, guided by a very energetic and knowledgeable Chef! 
Brisbane Cooking School
Source: Courier Mail
The Menu for the night consisted of: 
  • Chicken Kapitan  - traditional malay chicken curry
  • Nonya laksa
  • Satay, beef, chicken & pork with cucumber relish & sweet/spicy peanut sauce
I must admit, cooking for 3 hours, being very hungry after a full-on mental strain for 8 hours in the office was a bit of  a challenge - I constantly wanted to 'try' the ingredients and to 'taste' everything in the process, it took all my will power to refrain myself.

Brisbane Food
Source: Courier Mail
 The outcome, though, was totally worth waiting, cutting, chopping, frying and all  other million things we did in the process to create an authentic Malaysian dinner, whichI must admit was delicious. No doubt, it tasted even better due to a glass of wine that accompanied the dinner the fact that we created the meal ourselves! 
Brisbane Dining

Besides the full recipes, we got very handy tips and tricks that make the cooking process more productive and  in my case less dangerous! Working in groups was very helpful too, delegating work and sneak-peaking what/how others are doing kept the teams motivated and efficient, besides the participants get a great chance to meet and talk to interesting people in the process and conclude the night with a sit down dinner experience, where everybody gets a chance to taste the dishes and discuss it with the fellow participants! 

Cooking classes are great fun,  something different, exciting and yummy! Will definitely do other classes in a few months  and who knows maybe one day a chef inside of me will come out! 



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