Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Winning and Dining Favourites in Brisbane

Sometimes I think how primitive I am, but a nice meal in an unusual  setting  makes me happy! I tend to get all excited about the way  a menu looks , the interior design, how food is presented on my plate.
Being in Brisbane  for only 2 years I have yet to visit many good places, and I  am really enjoying discovering the new favourites.
Luckily, this is a never ending process as Brisbane seems to keep surprising us with new unusual winning and dining places on a regular basis.
Still not being  successful at creating gourmet masterpieces at home (even though I did attend a cooking class, which I will write about in another post) , I had a chance to visit a few new places.
Some were great, some not so good and some were just average.

 My current  Favourites (this will change  soon, as we girls are so fickle!):

  • Wagaya - Can't get enough of ordering my sushi and sashimi from a touch screen! And of course the design and atmosphere are very soothing, excellent for a date and friends' get together as you  get that privacy.  MUST make a reservation - gets totally booked out!

  • Stokehouse - a fairly new dining precinct is a great new edition to South Bank dining, with Stokehouse definitely being worth a visit. Oysters are amazing! Besides, high attention to detail is felt in avery aspect of the restaurant - starting from attentive and knowledgeable staff and ending with unusual design of the menus and plates.

  • Super What Not - little hidden gem in the city is great for afterwork drink in a  bar with a character. My only BUT - gets too busy on Friday nights, which demonstrates desperation of Brisbane people for new places!

  • Canvas Wine and Cocktail Bar - Who would have thought that just 2 minutes from my house  there is such a stylish bar, that offers  a wide variety of  creative cocktails, wines, light meals and even live music! The design deserves attention too - posh leather couches, wooden tables, and eclectic paintings.

  • French Martini - and again back to my favourite Soutth Bank and its new addition to the Little Stanley dining options. 
  • Spring - new edition to the city 'all-in'one' spots: coffee, lunch, bistro, wine, gourmet food retail and even a cooking school! Moreover, Spring features a very unique design, with the abundance of whites, light wood and exquisite decorations - something truly uncommon for the CBD dinning! 

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