Saturday, April 21, 2012

Comfort At My Table - Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday my Man and I finally paid a visit to one of the unique gems on Cribb Street - Comfort At My Table. The 'oh so lovely' cafe is well renowned for its coquette atmosphere and extensive breakfast menu with a twist.

Having woken up well after midday we were lucky to avoid  the morning rush and get a lovely table inside and ordered our breakfast (God bless the places that serve breakfast until 2 pm on weekends!) hassle free.

It took quite a while to get our coffees, however we were so distracted by Facebook  the cute details in the design of the place that have hardly noticed the wait - it is quite nice to be surrounded by flowers in  vintage vases, cook books, jam jars  and other very homely pieces.

Those who made Brisbane home fairly recently  will probably share the feelings I had - Home Away from Home.

The food was yummy and beautifully presented - the plates, cutlery, cups - everything reflected the concept of the cafe. I would imagine it would be quite hard to get back to the office after having a coffee there during the weekday.

Where: Comfort At My Table, Shop 5,19-23 Cribb St 
MiltonQLD 4064

Design: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
The highlight: The concept!
Disappointment: a bit slow service
Splurge: $$

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