Monday, May 7, 2012

Long Weekend - Tamborine Mountain

I think long weekends should happen  more often in our busy Monday to Friday mundane work lives.
The feeling of getting drunk  staying up till late on Sunday, knowing that you can sleep in on Monday  brings an utter feeling of freedom and happiness.

Going through our Let's Make It Happen list with My Man we took advantage of the warm and sunny weather and headed to Tamborine Mountain to drink wine and eat chocolate to  reward our urban- polluted lungs with some fresh air and enjoy the magnificent nature surrounding us.

The peaceful atmosphere combined with abundance of little cute shops selling hand-made chocolate, fudges and clothes made me think that we were somewhere in Switzerland (or at least the version that I have in my imagination since I am yet to explore the country).

Less than 2 hour drive and you find yourself in tranquil and harmonious heaven! Beware of wine tasting -  even though you are only 'tasting' the wine,  keep in mind that you do it at least 10 times and by the time you finish that last 'full-bodied dry red with a hint of melon'  the mind is not clear (the effect of the mountain air perhaps? ;)) and you  can't suppress a silly content smile on your face.

Oh, and don't forget to purchase a bottle of Moonshine Maddness -  a Coffee chocolate liqueur port made with a fortified wine base. It tastes yummy on the rocks! 
Next on the Lets Make It Happen list is a weekend getaway on the Coast - can't wait to wake up with the view on the ocean waves - perhaps one of the most powerful motivation boosters for me! 

Have a stress-free and productive short working week everybody!


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