Sunday, July 8, 2012

Green Papaya

During the cold winter nights (yes, I do think it is cold in winters in Brisbane) the utter laziness prevents me from  leaving my apartment exploring distant precincts  in our city, forcing me to look for interesting places in my own neighbourhood.

 Green Papaya is in no way a newbie for the Brisbane locals,  having  been operating for many years, but a visit to this Thai & Balinese restaurant in Woolloongabba was a debut for me -  and I definitely wasn't  disappointed. 

Having made a booking for 6:30 we rocked up 20 minutes late(rude, I know!) - starving - to find our reservation under the name  July -smiling to myself I thought,  IT is July now after all now, isn't it?

After being seated at the lovely table in a quiet corner of a restaurant we ordered our food. We decided to go with entrees and one main to share.. just so that us, little piglets, can order two desserts in the end!

The service was very attentive and non- intrusive. The restaurant got quite busy by 8 pm, with no single table available - but it was still rather quiet and tranquil. The food was tasty - we went for the Balinese grilled fish  with Secret (??) sauces - and the chef has definitely not let us down.

Both desserts were delicious - in fact we finished every tiny bit of it , which made me to wake up early and walk(!) to my yoga half - asleep, hoping that the sticky rice coconut ice cream with the mango gelato will be burnt off!

Design:   7/10
Drinks:   7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
The highlight: close to home! & a dessert
Disappointment: The secret sauce on the main wasn't that special
Splurge: $$$

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The Foreigner

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