Sunday, July 1, 2012

FIT Brisbane: RBWH Run, Mind Body & Spirit, Rock Climbing

Since My Man left on a long 5 week business & leisure journey 8 days ago (and, no, I am not counting!) I promised myself to become  a tiny bit more disciplined and get doing things that have been in the "Let's Make It Happen List". The hardest bit is to actually start, so here we go:

  •  Exercising - you would have already read my ramblings about my Yoga classes at the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, but at one point my enthusiasm burst out into signing up for the Royal Fun For Research (am still wondering if I was in sound mind) to raise money for clinical research at the RBWH - it's an 8km run or a 6km walk - and unless I break up with wine & chocolate  get serious with my running routine I will have to do the latter. 

They say you need to start small. The first step has been installing a 'Magic' App on my phone
 - I had a Moment of Revelation when I heard a woman from the Magic App informing me in a stern teacher - like voice the distance, speed, pace and calories burnt - what an Intelligent woman has moved in my phone (mental note: I wonder if the Stern Teacher can be substituted with Ryan Gosling's voice?)

Today I even went to the Mind Body & Spirit Festival after my Yoga class and discovered the 'best quality" supplements, juicers, blenders, 'healing jewellery', met avoided  mind readers, life coaches, fortune tellers - I left the place wondering Why there are still sick and unhappy people on our Planet  - the answers to all your problems have been been found long ago and can be ordered online with the Today Only 20 % Discount  . 

Sarcasm away, the Festival was unexpectedly big with a multitude  interesting stalls and great products!

  • Mountain Climbing - we are finally doing it! - next Saturday (fingers crossed it doesn't rain!) - very excited for the Riverlife adventure at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs - next week's blog will feature photos of clumsy me hanging on to the Safety rope attached to the top of the Cliff. 

Happy New Financial Year and a positive Monday for tomorrow! 

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