Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spring (CBD)

Continuing the topic of the CBD dining let's talk about Spring... and I don't mean the season, even though I wouldn't mind a bit of warmth and sunshine in our Brisbane lives...Spring is that restaurant that has created a lot of buzz since its opening a few months ago  and many of you have heard of.

My first visit to Spring was not long after its opening. The design and unusual interior decorations sculpted heads and arms resting on the nearby table definitely made a pleasant impression -white crisp colours,  lots of light, wood, fresh pastry and salads displayed in glass cabinets and fancy bottles of wine prominently displayed, sneakily unveiling the action happening in the kitchen - an exquisite design with a twist, yet 'cosy' and welcoming and not at all intimidating. For a moment I felt like I was back in Europe in one of my back then favourite cafes.

During my fist visit the food  was good, but nothing too impressive. What deserves special credit is the service. While I was eating a nasty insect landed its tiny body in my salad and died right in between the spinach leaf and a piece of beetroot - the waitress reacted in a glimpse of a second and my dish was replaced promptly, which I haven't even requested as the appetite was gone as the wine tasted too good!

Anyway, this week I had to pick a place for a dinner in the CBD with a special person - a lady who was partially responsible for my  move to Australia 3 years ago -  sure thing I wanted to go to a nice place, where we would be able to enjoy good food, pleasant atmosphere and be able to have a decent conversation without having to shout to beat the crowd noise (and I wanted all that on Friday, when  the majority of the city workers start drinking at 3 pm!). After  a careful consideration  a google search at work  the choice fell on Spring!

My guest approved of my choice and we had a lovely time chatting for a couple of hours while enjoying our meals. Again, food was good, but nothing over the top exciting - maybe I am becoming spoilt or choosing not the best things off the menu, this time I went with the Salad with Pumkin and Haloumi cheese (it sounded a lot more fancy on the menu, but you get the idea) ? Service was attentive and the  coffee was yum!

Overall - a lovely experience, and definitely a unique place in the CBD.
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Drinks:  9/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 9/10
The highlight: The atmosphere
Disappointment: The line to the ladies!!
Splurge: $$$ 


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