Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's On Brisbane:Beat the Procrastination

I have been guilty of being slack recently, with both my blog writing as well as a few other commitments, and oh, I wish I had a serious excuse for that someone, delete Instagram from my phone! , like saving the world from the invsion of weird creatures from the Prometheus or something a bit more useful down to earth like cleaning my house and sorting out my wardrobe.
 But no, I have been stuck in pure Procrastination, and apparently ' it's cold,dark and gloomy out there' is not a good enough excuse.

It's not all that negative of course, a few great things happened in the past couple of weeks, that I can't help to booast about to share.

First of all, Winter Festival is on in Brisbane - tag along to King's George Square for some winter comforting food, mulled wine, and of course ice skating (and the rink is not even melting this year!)

Make sure you jump online to book though, as Brisbanites are keen for some winter experience and the tickets are selling fast.

Lady Gaga concert.
I was lucky to go to the Gaga's last show in Brisbane last Saturday and see for myself the amazing perofmance of the Pop Star, I am not her biggest fan but , oh my, that woman knows how to create an incredible show! Great entertainment, even though she probably was a bit exhausted coming towards the last show, judging by how many times the F* word was said out loud!Nevertheless - great show!

The Nutcracker on Ice

For something a bit more conventional we went to see a Nutcracker on Ice at the QPAC.
The 25-strong cast of World, European and National Championship ice skaters performed their unbelievable stunts on stage - the performance is just breathtaking - most of the tricks are hard to perform on the ground, never mind on Ice!

I have been doing it for nearly 3 weeks now and I am just loving it - I think it is the reason why I have started my war with winter procrastination! The school of Meditation and Yoga in West End is a truly tranquil place - very peaceful,non-judgemental and professional and they give away sweets in the end of the class htttp://


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