Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peony Asian Fusion:CBD Casual Dining

I have been meaning to write about the Peony Asian Fusion for a while now, as this is one of the places that has pleasantly surprised me the first time I went there a good few months ago and hasn't left disappointed ever since. 

Peony is one of those 'easy' places that would fit pretty much anybody's taste, featuring Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese cuisines,  wine, cocktails and Sake  and is perfect if you are aiming for a 'safe' option - nothing over the top fancy, but nonetheless nice and pleasant, with no damage to your bank account  (save the money for the End of Year Sales!!)

The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, tables are positioned at a fair distance, allowing for a decent conversation, the service is prompt and attentive. 

Now the food. If you are as bad at decision making as me you probably will struggle, as there are quite a few items to choose from, the menu features mouth watering photos of the dishes and the prices are so reasonable, that for a moment you feel like ordering half of the menu  (the items are ordered by  ticking the dish number on the piece of paper, saving you from the waiter's judgemental look), but beware! - portions are generous, ordering a 'light meal' salad made me wonder wether I would have had a need to eat the next day have I ordered the main as well. 
Prawn & Chicken Salad

Anyway, I think enough said. If you are looking for a place for casual lunch a dinner in the CBD Peony is the place to go. 

Peony Asian Fusion on Urbanspoon

Design: 7,5/10
Drinks: 7,5/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
The highlight: Great variety
Disappointment: trying hard to think of anything....
Splurge: $$ 

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