Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Campos Coffee , Gasworks Newstead

Unless you live a boring suburban life and never get out of your outskirts Queenslander haven't been around the city in the last 2 months, you definitely would have heard about all the buzz around the new 1,1 $bn development at Gasworks.

With a brand new Woolies and trendy Market Food Company stocked with gourmet foods, the area is now the 'IT' place to do your grocery shopping - in case you didn't know that groceries shopping can be done in style - trendy mummies with branded prams, 'suited up corporates, and LornaJane clad fitness girls sipping on LornaJane smoothies (yes, I a referring to the new Active Living Room Cafe opened at the Lorna Jane Gasworks store - welcome to the Lorna Jane Cult!) - they all shop at Gasworks.
Gasworks also boasts a selection of casual cafes, restaurants, take-away eateries and coffee shops, speaking of the latter - the new Campos Coffee definitely beats the coffee competition. It is amazing how the Campos brand conquered Australians' hearts - I don't think I have heard anyone so far saying they dislike their coffees. Brisbanites love Campos, and I am one of them.

 With my unhealthy addiction to love of coffee I couldn't go past Campos Coffee  once it opened its doors at Gasworks  and I have been back many times since. Regardless of the time and day of the week Campos is always buzzing with people - office workers, mummies, ladies of leisure, retirees and freelancers.

If you are wondering why, the answer is simple - coffee is delicious, staff are friendly and helpful, service is efficient - what more do you need from a coffee shop?

Design:   8/10
Drinks:   10/10
Food: 5/10
Service: 8/10
The highlight: Coffee
Disappointment: Food options are limited - so won't be good for a breaky
Splurge: $

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