Monday, November 4, 2013

Foreigner's Come Back

I haven't been blogging for a while.. By a while I mean since I turned into a housewife and started cooking dinners and washing socks  July 2012!

Even though I have fairly enjoyed 'family' life (and no, I am not married and neither do I have kids so I am exaggerating just a bit the dramatic changes in my life trying to explain my long absence) along with its quiet evenings, home-cooked meals, TV shows with a bowl of sweets,  I really missed my scribbles and expressing my thoughts  about Brisbane life in my darling blog.

 I had a few people asking me about the blog and I thought I had no idea someone was actually reading it I should really get back into it and start putting my greatest finds on the pages of the Foreigner's Diary again. 

Since the last post a lot has happened and many new places have opened, and many more are due to appear on Brisbane's arena - as someone said to me recently 'It is exciting times to be living in Brisbane now!'. I could not agree more, for the last couple of years there have been tremendous changes to the New World's City.

I have been living in Newstead for over a year now and since then the area has become incredibly trendy, not that I am implying any connection here .On a serious note, the exciting Gasworks development has really made the area the 'Place to Check Out' and it looks like there is more to come.

This is where I will start my Foreigner's Diary 'come back' and here it comes ...

The Foreigner

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