Monday, November 4, 2013

Shucked Coffee House, Newstead

Shucked Coffee House tucked away on one of the little streets in Newstead is one of the places I keep recommending all the time whenever someone asks me about a 'cool' place to go for breaky.
You will understand what I mean by cool, once you visit the place - it's just so different to your average cafe! If you get a a table in the outside area you probably will end up sitting on those terribly uncomfortable but very cool chairs, eating from a tiny but 'oh, so adorable' table admiring the relaxed atmosphere of Shucked - and  it does not matter how uncomfortable the chair is, because the food is amazing, the stuff are friendly and welcoming and the vibe just makes the time stop, forcing you to sit back and relax with your cup of aromatic coffee. 

The menu will not disappoint either - quirky, creative and utterly delicious, food comes out well-presented and very 'seducing'. When I go to places for breaky I like to pick something that I can't be bothered to cook myself at home, in that sense Shucked is perfect hardly anything on the menu would be your average breaky dish, even the staples will have an unexpected twist.

Shucked is a place that you need to visit for yourself to really appreciate what is so special about it, so I wont be posting too many photos, all you need is Just Show Up!
Oh, and case you are not a breakfast person, you need to rethink your life philosophy they do lunch and evening cocktails as well!

Design:   9/10
Drinks:   8/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
The highlight: Atmosphere and food
Disappointment: Outside chairs are not comfy, but not a deal beaker and definitely create a cool vibe!
Splurge: $$

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